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Already 7th EFSETE´s Vodafone shop!!!


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In the frame of constant strengthening of our partnership with Vodafone, in November 2019 we opened another Vodafone outlet. We are proud to state here that during our seven-years retail partnership this is the seventh outlet we have been operating for Vodafone in North Moravia.

To do so, first of all we have to look for an appropriate location, secondly built a functional and attractive shop. Finally, the shortlisted candidates must go through a specialized training to be able to do their jobs for Vodafone in a professional way while giving excellent monthly sales and care performances.

Well, hats off to all EFSETE Retail verticals who this long-lasting successful story stands or falls on! 

At the same time, we hereby give our sincere thanks to Vodafone for giving their confidence in us!

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EFSETE wishes you a great Christmas and a successful year 2022

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EFSETE Team :-)

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Ostrava "flagship" Vodafone store under EFSETE management

We greet you from our Vodafone store in Forum Nová Karolina Ostrava, which now belongs to our network of stores from 1.4.2021.

Experienced team of professionals managed to achieve the best results in the first month since the beginning of 2021.

High praise and we look forward to further sales growth associated with the post-covid reopening of all stores in the shopping centers, finally!