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EFSETE Enjoys Beach Volleyball Tournament


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In early summer, as usual, we organised an outdoor company event. Within this annual reunion of all EFSETE staff including its external co-workers we always enjoy socialising, have some nice refreshment and, besides, do some sports activity or other fun such as competing in a go-cart race, which, incidentally, was the last year´s pastime. However, this year´s choice fell on a beach volleyball tournament. And, due to the fact that many of us have children, we again agreed upon interconnecting this sports event with the Children´s Day and did it as one big EFSETE´S Family & Friends´ Outdoor Party .

While the main point of the fun for adults was running around the volleyball fields, kids were offered a wide choice of miscellaneous attractions such as henna tattooing, romping in a jumping castle, or doing various sports and other fun activities. Obviously, the adored children´s goodies like candyfloss and delicious Fruitisimo ice-cream couldn´t be missing! It was great to see the beaming smiles of so many kids - happy just for being outdoors, getting a chance to let off steam, and thanks to getting to known each other better they might find some new friends there.

Both the little and the grown-ups really enjoyed that beautiful summer day, in the end of which all children were given rewards for their endeavours and the tournament´s contestants got to know the overall winning team´ name. We were very glad to turn out in strength and see our colleagues coming from all corners of the country. The event was really worth the participation and it would be a pity to miss the excellently organized amusements. A varied offer of delicious refreshments and smash hits played by a pro DJ made this time spent together a cracking experience reminding us that everyone needs to rest from longsome days of hard work. From time to time it´s really a must to take our minds off things and enjoy our lives to the fullest – just have fun and laugh together. And thus, we do appreciate getting a chance to do that. Our sincere thanks belong to you, all ones having been instrumental in accomplishment of that marvellous open-air party! We are looking forward to further social occasions in the bosom of EFSETE!

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EFSETE Team :-)