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Gifts for St. Zdislava Asylum


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Also this year before Christmas we decided to help someone. Again, together as a company, as a team. And again, all our colleagues could suggest who we would help. And the final choice fell on our "home" charity organization Charita Ostrava. Specifically, the shelter for mothers with children called House of St. Zdislava, located in Ostrava Zábřeh.

The mission of this facility is to support mothers with children, women with children entrusted to their care or pregnant women, who have fallen into an unfavourable social situation associated with the loss of housing, in their self-sufficiency and participation in ordinary life in society. You can read more detailed information here.

In agreement with the management of the shelter, we have chosen to split the assistance into two parts. The company contributed CZK 28.500,- to purchase a new industrial washing machine, which will replace the currently outdated one in the asylum house. EFSETE employees and colleagues in individual teams will contribute financially and then buy and wrap presents for all the children and their mothers who will celebrate Christmas this year in the asylum. The event went quickly and with amazing results. Each child received a gift that they had written to Santa in advance and the mothers also received something useful for the moment when they will be leaving the shelter.

On behalf of the EFSETE management, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who actively participated in the event or contributed to the gifts or financial donation. We did not expect such a great response. In the end, we gave gifts and money of more than 45.000 CZK under the Christmas tree to the children, mothers and the shelter itself. Wow... perfect, I believe we all feel great about it!!

Check out the short "documentary" video here

And below you can read a thank you from the manager of the shelter Mr. Petr Matej. "Hello! Once again, a big thank you to all of you at EFSETE for supporting mothers with children. The mothers and children were delighted with the gifts and you contributed to the beautiful Christmas atmosphere for the mothers with children with an unforgettable experience. In addition, the moms were very touched by the personal messages for their children! May the joy of your enrichment of those in need be with you.

Thank you! Petr Matěj, St. Zdislava Shelter ❤"

We at EFSETE Helps are looking forward to the next event!

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This is a super next step in our retail activities.

Thanks to SAZKA for their trust and to our whole EFSETE Retail team for another great job!

And you feel free to come and bet!

Have a nice day. EFSETE Team.

Vodafone Road Show 2023

One part of our EFSETE/Vodafone crew on the Ostrava part of the Vodafone Road Show as part of the MISSION for better customer satisfaction of Vodafone customers.

It was very nice and beneficial to be in the right place at the right time !

Thanks Vodafone!


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