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Launching a new EFSETE REALITY project and creating a new RSČS representation


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The cooperation with Real Estate Česká spořitelna is the new project launched within the EFSETE Group. We operate together franchise EFSETE Reality s.r.o. in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Real estate is a commodity that is stable at any given time and offers synergies the opportunity to implement all related real estate sales activities for clients such as real estate financing, securing related services (moving, reconstruction, cleaning).

EFSETE Reality will deal with all standard attributes of real estate activities, such as selling and renting flats, houses, land sales. They will have their place to buy real estate, space will be for smaller development projects. The foundation of success will be a team of professionals who make clients a complex maze of the real world to ensure a smooth and fair run of all transactions. Of course, the provision of legal services, the custody of funds, assistance in solving PENB and all other activities directly related to real estate activities.

Other articles

Ostrava "flagship" Vodafone store under EFSETE management

We greet you from our Vodafone store in Forum Nová Karolina Ostrava, which now belongs to our network of stores from 1.4.2021.

Experienced team of professionals managed to achieve the best results in the first month since the beginning of 2021.

High praise and we look forward to further sales growth associated with the post-covid reopening of all stores in the shopping centers, finally!


Wave of mortgages also in EFSETE

Our partners, with whom we cooperate within the FIELD FORCE sales vertical and the EFSETE Reality - RE/MAX Centrum project, include GEPARD FINANCE, one of the largest mortgage brokers in the Czech Republic.

The just completed Q1 2021 was our most successful quarter in the entire period of cooperation. Almost CZK 100 billion worth of mortgages were executed in the Czech Republic in Q1 2021 and we are very pleased that our mortgage team also participated in this. "We rode this mortgage wave and increased...


Empty everywhere.... nobody, nowhere, but our TELESALES is going full blast.

How so?

In our call centres in Karviná and Ostrava we are still and for almost a year now completely on Home Office. Thanks to our excellent IT department headed by Jiří Kuchař and modern technologies, we manage the entire call centres and operations remotely.

But we believe that the situation will soon change and we will meet all our colleagues again in our beautiful offices.