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VODAFONE Salesman 2018


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We are very proud of saying that thanks to performances of our sales representatives we regularly participate in this event. This year the function was held in Spindleruv Mlyn where three of our salespeople - Martin Horcicka, Tomas Kratky and Radim Sablik - were invited.

The programme was opened with an incentive talk “Your Way . The Way of Inner Victory” by Pavel Moric. As the event took place in the mountains during winter season, active recreation in the open air was naturally included in the schedule enriched with a discourse on the topic of “The Avalanche” given by the mountain rescue service. After finishing the active part of the day, which was topped with a competition in an adrenaline luge race, we were happy to get a chance to relax in local wellness centre for a while, then enjoy beautiful dinner and socialise.

We would like to express our big thanks to VODAFONE for such company events and given recognition. We are very pleased to say that in our team there are fantastic salespeople who are committed to their working objectives and perform high-quality work!

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SAZKA in Šantovka, Olomouc

And so we took over and reopened the 3rd branch/kiosk of SAZKA!

This time in the Šantovka shopping centre in Olomouc.

This is a super next step in our retail activities.

Thanks to SAZKA for their trust and to our whole EFSETE Retail team for another great job!

And you feel free to come and bet!

Have a nice day. EFSETE Team.

Vodafone Road Show 2023

One part of our EFSETE/Vodafone crew on the Ostrava part of the Vodafone Road Show as part of the MISSION for better customer satisfaction of Vodafone customers.

It was very nice and beneficial to be in the right place at the right time !

Thanks Vodafone!


We have had a great BLACK & WHITE New Year's Eve party, which took place on 13.1.2023 in the Zaječský vinný sklep restaurant. More than 150 of us gathered and we were glad that we could meet informally after a long covid period and discuss even non-work things. We also announced and rewarded the best colleagues for 2022 from the RETAIL, TELESALES, FIELD FORCE verticals as well as from our operations team and remembered once again our colleagues who we have rewarded for their loyalty during the year,...