Become a part of EFSETE team! We constantly look for competent people who are not afraid of challenging tasks, love doing business and contact with customers and who, at the same time want to meet great business associates. We look forward to meeting you! Come and try your luck in our company!

Are you looking for an interesting job? You can start your professional career in our company even during your studies by means of a part-time job in our Juice Bar or Call Centre. Direction of your career is all up to you.

Do you enjoy and find motivating to set yourselves challenging goals and work on their achievement during your career growth? In our company you can work on your potential! In our company you can work in field, office and call centre as a salesman, shop assistant, team leader, project manager and many others. 

Due to the extent of our branch activities (EFSETE Telco, EFSETE Industry, EFSETE Pharma etc.) there is a possibility you may latter on work in other segment/branch than you have originally started. After some time you may find out that working as a salesperson is not the best for you, but you are a competent worker and want to stay with us. In such a case we will offer you another position in our other company department (Back Office and other divisions).
Pleasant and friendly working environment is an extra benefit. Come to us and make your dreams come true. 

We are looking for competent people for positions … 

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