Outsourcing in the area of gastronomy

The Czech gastronomy business is experiencing real renaissance.  To succeed means to use the key tools i.e. quality, innovational and individual approach and perfect knowledge of your customer. However it is ´direct sales´ that, to a large extent, is a crucial factor of the final success rate. If the provider doesn´t want to run their business just locally, one of the options is to consider concentrating exclusively on building up a top quality product and brand, whereas the operation itself;  i.e. ´Sales´ entrust to their business partners, for instance by means of franchising.

Our partners


Fruitisimo -  the fruitiest bar in your neighbourhood with wide offer of fresh juices, cocktails, salads and fruits altogether with quality Italian ice-cream! ´LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE´, the slogan of   Fruitisimo depicts its trade mark precisely - meaning healthy and active life style, fun and everlasting smile accompanied with real passion for all that Fruitisimo does.  

“We love what we do and you can feel it on every visit you make at our bar.”