Outsourcing of marketing and direct sales in pharmaceutical field

Pharmacy market is specific in its huge number of clients, competitors and varieties of markets and sub-markets. Though we can see that physicians still prefer written prescriptions, we can also perceive the fact of rising urgency to present over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements and medical devices. In pharmacies we can see a shift from prescription drugs towards over-the-counter medical products, dietary supplements and medical devices. The final sales MIX – towards both physicians and pharmacies– made on the base of a good quality product, should definitely combine an effective Sales force, cooperation with independent and chain pharmacies, cooperation’s with distributors and also marketing mix. Sensitive adjustment of synergies between these attributes is a true alchemy. 

EFSETE Pharma represents pharmaceutical companies and their products through the sales activities, customer care and marketing. These activities are fulfilled mainly by pharmaceutical sales teams that have a strong incentive to meet their objectives, whom complete and undergo demanding training and coaching and whom are provided with the latest information technologies.  

Project leadership is always entrusted to a professional with a long experience in leading teams of pharmaceutical representatives´ and knowledge of marketing. Both sales representatives and project leaders   are supported by EFSETE Back Office and EFSETE Call Centre support. 

As a result, we are able to offer our customers a full, complex service. 

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Our partners


Ever since 1998 VEGALL Pharma s.r.o. is successfully collaborating with Austrian Bee food supplements manufacturer SANAMED.  It is from this year, when the food supplement SARAPIS started appearing in Czech pharmacies. Today name SARAPIS stands for more than just one product and its variations are focusing both on women and man. All variations of SARAPIS are both popular and well sold. VEGALL Pharma specialists, in cooperation with Austrian and Czech doctors, carefully select and create new products they introduce to market. New products are undergoing demanding tests for quality, properties and origin. All of those strictly required by VEGALL Pharma. Products with VEGALL Pharma s.r.o. logo have helped women and men for years and are a guarantee of product quality and safety.


Syncare Plus s.r.o. stands for professional Czech biocosmetic and dermo cosmetic products for pharmacies, doctors, saloons and other face/body professionals. Syncare Plus, s.r.o. premises and manufacturing facilities are situated in Brno. Their extent product portfolio consists of facial cosmetics, body cosmetics, make-ups, anti-wrinkle preparations, cosmetics for men, cosmetics for massage, aromatherapy, depilation, SPF sunscreen and shampoo, including anti-dandruff shampoo, and body soaps, antiperspirants and deodorants, cosmetics against pigment stains, acne, scars, cuts, sensitive skin and expanded blood vessels. Czech cosmetic products from Syncare are also appropriate for skin with a tendency to psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. SynCare also has a portfolio of nutritional products for hair, nails and skin and a dietary supplements for acne, weight loss and weight reduction. It also offers devices for skin diagnostics, medical instruments/devices, ultrasonic spatula and galvanic iron.


Over 20 years, Silvanols - the Latvian Green Pharma company – has been producing natural dietary supplements, medical devices and over-the-counter medicines to enable people from all over the world get closer to natural healing powers. 

In Latvia, which is considered to be one of the cleanest environments all over the world, Silvanols is constantly developing its innovative products. Their extraordinariness lies in the purity of natural ingredients and preservation of their precious healing properties. Silvanols products often use forest fruit juices known for their captivating and delicious flavours, mainly presented in various balms and syrups production.

TraumaPet® AgTraumaPet® Ag

The product series TraumaPet® Ag uses the advances in preparation of materials by nanotechnological methods. The target is to improve the quality of life of our furry friends by treating unpleasant medical conditions, which might cause us more worry than diseases of our own. TraumaPet® products contain all the well-known compounds which are known to accelerate healing and minimize complications and in addition also silver, whose medical effects have been appreciated for centuries.


VAN-TEC MEDICAL s.r.o. is engaged in the sale of quality and innovative medical technologies recognized worldwide. Currently it focuses on the products of the American brand Kubtec, a leading developer and supplier of digital X-ray systems for hospitals, pathological, judicial and scientific-research institutes. Kubtec as first enriched DICOM system with application enabling to insert notes, the user-friendly software of these products is capable of sending multiple images at one time to the PACS system with just one click. They also as first offered a touchscreen with a calibrated measuring system and 16 bit resolution images. Kubtec builds on high quality, cares for the comfort of examining physician and examined patients, and at the same time undertakes to minimize the impact on the environment.


CARUN PHARMACY is exclusive Czech manufacturing and sales company offering broad portfolio of highly tested and professionally made hemp products. Products quality is guaranteed due to stability of Czech hemp raw material and bio quality of other ingredients. Today we are the only Czech hemp manufacturer whom manufactures medical device out of botanical species Cannabis sativa. Thanks to highly effective cannabinoids, the overall effect of our products highly exceeds the level of common cosmetic products.