Our Offer

We offer services in the segment of direct sales and customer care. Our partners are from telecommunication, finance, information technology, power industry, pharmacy, catering or real estate. All services are always tailored to individual needs and business strategy of our clients.

  • Are your Sales and/or Customer care under desired plans? 
  • Do you want to spent 100% of your energy on the core of your business and cooperate with someone who has experience in sales and customer care? 
  • You don´t want to waste your time in building and running your own sales or customer service team?
  • Do you already have Sales and Customer Service department, but you are in urgent need of their enlargement?
  • Are you looking for truly effective sales channels?

Perhaps you have the same questions as above and perhaps that’s the reason why you have decided to …

OUTSOURCING – an effective solution and your logical decision!

We would like to help you with...

  • team of sales representatives
  • team of Call Centre operators
  • sales or service team in shops or customer centres
  • staff in so-called Back Office
  • find a reliable business partner for your franchise concept
  • online solutions
You can always entrust yourselves to our EFSETE team! We have a lot of practical experience with various forms of outsourcing in sales and customer service activities. We also participate in several franchise systems.

What do we offer? What kind of services do we provide to our customers?

Field Force

We manage several sales teams of sales representatives. This is a complex service that includes all related activities starting from recruitment and training, up to a standard management focusing on sales and other derived objectives.


Based on our customer needs and requirements, we build and train a team/teams of operators loyal and reliable to meet their sales and care objectives.  


We successfully build and manage various types of „bricks-and-mortar“ shops such as common shops, customer centres or gastro stalls.    


We are launching our activities within online services – i.e. sales and other activities by means of Internet.


Sales without marketing are very vulnerable. If requested by our customer, we help with marketing activities and management. 

Back Office

Considerable part of our services offer is  our loyal and reliable back office team, whom takes responsibility over customer contact, administration and other customer needs. 

What do we consider as our strength?


Though we believe that the core principles of sales or customer care service are the same no matter what business you do, on couple of occasions we found out, that each business segment is specific and that the rudiments of success lay in their perfect knowledge.

This is the reason why we, besides retail specialists, telesales or sales managers, also have expert managers, whom are true specialist on the markets we provide our services.  

What is the real added value for our customers?

Complex Service

Right from the beginning or after a period of some time, we are prepared to offer you different combinations of our sales and/or customer care channels. 

  • Sales representative in combination with Telesales and Back Office
  • Shop assistants in brick-and-mortar shops in combination with mobile sales representatives
  • Perfect example of this complexity implemented in entrusted region is a work of our Call center that may either invite customers directly to our customer care office and/or set up a meeting with our sales representative! All exclusively under the brand of our partner!